Butterfly Room 3-4 Year old

Welcome to Butterflies (3-4 year olds)

A Day in the Life of Butterflies Nursery Class

This is what a typical day would hold for your child in Butterflies:

Breakfast Club


Breakfast is available for children with a Day-care placement. We aim to provide a warm and welcoming start to the day. Familiar staff will be available to help you to settle your child and introduce them to the start of their Nursery Day.

Hello Time

Morning 8.50-9.00am
Afternoon 12.45-1.00pm

Children start their Nursery session by self-registering with their parents/carers or Key People. The session starts with Hello Time, which is a short, well planned and whole group session normally led by the Class Teacher and supported by our Early Years Practitioners. Children are all welcomed by name and there is a shared discussion that focuses on the day ahead, the weather and any new information e.g. that it is a rainy day and children will need to wear their wellies in the garden etc. The main focus of the session is introducing the children to the range of learning experiences and opportunities available during the session; offering suggestions about how to interact and make the most of these activities; and sharing a skill or piece of information they may need during the session. The session concludes with a phonics focus, using the children’s names to discuss letter sounds etc, and an opportunity to develop mathematical skills by estimating and counting the number of children in the Island Time.

Nursery Session

Morning 9.00- 11.50am
Afternoon 12.30-3.30pm

During the main Nursery Session there is a balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities, available both indoor and outdoor. The majority of the activities are planned according to the needs and interests of small groups or individual children. Our Nursery children learn through play having first hand experiences with sensory activities which is consistent with the EYFS Guidance. Having an emphasis on play and active learning both indoor and outdoor means that children are motivated and highly involved, and supports them to develop skills, new concepts and positive attitudes. It also enables them to develop their language and communication and concentration. During this period a self-service snack will be available for children. Children are actively encouraged to help with the preparation of the snacks e.g. cutting fruit, counting plates and cups etc.

Tidy-Up Times

Morning 11.30-11.50am
Afternoon 3.00-3.15pm

Children are supported by the Butterfly Staff to tidy away the materials they have been working with. This is an extremely valuable experience for children, and there are a range of learning opportunities that children are engaged in e.g. maths (counting back an accurate number of items of equipment) and language (discussing where things belongs etc). It also supports children with their self-help skills and develops a good sense of responsibility for their community and environment, as well as encouraging cooperation and teamwork.

Island Times

Morning 10.30-10:50am
Afternoon 2.00-2.20pm

Twice a day Key Workers will spend some planned group time with their focus group children. The key Worker will have planned a session which may be around reading a book, learning a Nursery Rhyme, a song or a counting game. The Key Worker will have planned the session in line with EYFS guidance to support the learning of children in their group. The Island time are small group sessions which helps children to develop language and communication skills. There is always a planned small group literacy or maths activity, for example sharing a story, working with puppets and number rhymes etc.

Home-time or preparation for lunch/tea time

Morning 11.35-11.45am
Afternoon 3.15-3.30pm

In the morning session, children who are staying for a whole Nursery Day start preparing for lunch at this time e.g. washing hands, getting on coats for the walk to the main building, finding their place in the line etc. At this point, for children who are going home, we welcome parents back into the Nursery to collect their children and Key People are available to share with parents any information about their child’s session.

In the afternoon, children who are staying for the day-care programme start preparing for tea e.g. washing hands, moving to the community room, helping to lay the table and finding their place etc. At this point, for children who are going home, we welcome parents back into the Nursery to collect their children and Key People are available to share with parents any information about their child’s session.


Morning 11.50am
Afternoon 3.45pm

Meals are cooked in the school kitchens by our experienced specialist catering team. We have developed balanced and nutritious menus using fresh seasonal ingredients with the guidance of a dietician. Meal times are important and staff eat with the children encouraging conversation, social interactions and good manners. The children in Butterflies eat their lunch in the main school hall alongside children in our Reception classes. This enables them to see the main school and supports the transition to Reception year.



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