Governing Body

The Governing Body is a group of volunteers who work alongside the Head Teacher to support the strategic leadership of the school.  We have three core functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the leadership to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Much of the work of the Governing Body is around the strategic leadership of the school, which means we support the school leadership team in making both good financial decisions and also making sure that decisions about children's education are good.  We track the progress of the school, which means we look at how well our children are performing in their education.  We also look at how well our teachers are teaching and support school leaders in helping them to get better.  

Each month we hold a full Governing Body meeting and receive reports from the leadership on the progress the school is making.   A schedule of our meetings can be found  attached at the bottom of this page.  All our meetings are open meetings and any parents or members of the wider community can attend to observe.  If you would like to attend, please contact the Head Teacher n advance on 

Chair of Governors: Ann Robinson - Co-opted Governor
Contact Details: 
Vice Chair of Governors: Elinor Stone - Co-opted Governor

Key functions of the Governing Body (Curriculum & Attainment)

  • Challenges attainment levels in the school.  We receive reports from school leaders about how well children are doing and ask searching questions about how we can continually make this better.  We oversee any changes to the curriculum or introduction of new teaching styles. 
  • Oversee the provision for pupils with additional and special educational needs and for looked after children and children in care.
  • Review the procedures in place to ensure the safety of pupils.
  • Monitor the provision of wraparound care (e.g. breakfast club, after school club). We also review the school's relationship with parents and the wider community.

Key functions of the Governing Body (Resource management)

  • Oversees the financial management of the school.  We work closely with the Head Teacher and the School Business Manager to ensure we spend our budget wisely and with the most impact on children's learning.
  • Consider personnel issues, including the best staffing structure for the school, ensuring appropriate staff policies are in place and monitoring staff wellbeing.
  • Review the health and safety proceedures in place.

Link Governors

The Governing Body also has Link Governors to ensure the school is meeting its statutory requirements.  Link Governors gain a greater level of understanding of their particular area, including meeting with their linked member of staff every term. Link Governors report back to the full Governing Body or the appropriate committee.

  • Safeguarding - Charley Lintern
  • Inclusion - Charley Lintern
  • Data - Debbie Penglis 
  • Early Years & Nursery - Colette Millward
  • H&S - Kate Ryan
  • Pupil Voice - Charley Lintern
  • Staff Wellbeing - Fatima Johnston
  • Curriculum inclusing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) - Mel Pearson-Sealy

Full details of all Governors, the Terms of Reference for each committee, the Work Planners for the Full Governing Body and each committee, the Code of Conduct for Governors and the schedule of meetings for 2018/189can be found at the bottom of this page.

Meeting attendance

The attendance record of governors for the 2018/19 academic year is set out below and is updated on a half termly basis:

Governor  Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Mar Apr May June July  
Ann Robinson x x x x                  
Elinor Stone x x A x                  
Fatima Johnston x x x x                  
Uloma Edowa A A x x                  
Charley Lintern x A x x                  
Susan Service A x x x                  
Colette Milward x x x A                  
Mel Sealey Pearson x x x x                  
Debbie Penglis x x A x                  
Cal Shaw x x x x                  




Retired Governors

In the last 12 months, the following governors have resigned from the Governing Body:

Sarah Caton  - Co-Opted Governor -  Resigned: July 2017

Sarah Butterworth - Co-Opted Governors - Resigned: December 2017

Roland Harwood - Co-Opted Governors - Resigned December 2017

Sophie Hall - Parent - Resigned Aug 2018

nancy Campbell - Resigned Aug 2018


Governor biographies

Nancy Campbell - Chair of Governors 

I live locally and became a governor in May 2013 when my oldest child was a baby. She is now enjoying school life at Stroud Green and I'm delighted to play a part in supporting this happy and vibrant community school. I've spent seventeen years working in digital media - for an online women's magazine, an educational charity mentoring young people from non-traditional backgrounds into higher education, the health team for the GLA and then for a university. My two passions are inclusive, inspiring education and literature and literacy.


Sophie Hall – Parent Governor

I became a governor because I wanted to support the school, while ensuring my children and others achieve their full potential in a safe and happy environment. I chaired the Resources Committee – which oversees the school budget, staff welfare and school premises – before going on to becoming Chair of Governors.  I am also a member of the Friends of Stroud Green School. 


Cal Shaw - Head Teacher

I joined Stroud Green as Head Teacher in January 2017.  I have been a Head Teacher in two different London Local Authorities for almost 20 years so have many years of experience in running large community schools.  I am totally commited to outstanding local education for all children.  I want children to learn in a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment.  Their learning should be fun and memorable.  



Parent Governors

Parent Governors are elected by other parents at the school. There is currently one parent governor - we will shortly be holding an election for another parent to join the governing body. 

Colette Milward

I have two children at Stroud Green and have been a parent governor since December 2016. After spending some time volunteering at the school, supporting children with their reading, I decided to join the governing body to become more involved with the school community. I work as a copyeditor for The Economist Group, where I edit economic and political analysis on different regions of the world. I have lived in and around Islington and Finsbury Park for most of life, and am strongly committed to ensuring that an excellent education is available to all children, regardless of background or personal circumstance. I sit on the curriculum committee, and am the Link Governor for special educational needs.




Co-Opted Governors

Co-opted governors are drawn from both parents of students at the school and members of the local community. They are appointed by the Governing Body. There are currently eight co-opted governors (including the chair and vice chair).

Fatima Johnston 

I joined the Governing Body in June 2013 when I had two children in the school because I wanted to be part of the community and the continued development of the school. I have since moved away so my children go to a different school, but I remain committed to my work as a governor for the school. I work for a professional services firm supporting clients with a broad range of complex issues. I pleased to be able to use my skills to assist in the great work that Cal Shaw, the staff team and the governing body are doing.


Katherine Ryan

I joined the Governing Body in September 2012 and have two children at the school. I like to get involved with the day to day running of the school and have 10 years experience of working in the financial sector; in investment management and global banking. I subsequently sit on the resources committee, which looks at the ways in which we can get the most out of our budget and funding.


Charley Lintern

I became a governor in January 2018


Ulma Edomobi

I joined the Governing Body in January 2018



Elinor Stone - Vice Chair of Governors

I have two children at Stroud Green School and joined the governing body in autumn 2016. I currently work for an international bank having worked previously in the media for 15 years at ITV and the BBC. The skills I bring from my career in market research and insight are centred around understanding issues, finding solutions and facilitating and leading change. I have a keen interest in education and how it will evolve to meet the needs of the changing world. I sit on the resources committee with a responsibility for communications.



Local Authority Governor

Debbie Penglis 

I am passionate about education, and have worked in a variety of roles – teaching assistant, teacher, charity director and now senior leader in the education space. Having been brought up locally, I am hugely invested in the school and area, and am committed to pushing us to deliver the best possible results for our students. I sit on the curriculum committee and enjoy thinking about how a carefully crafted culture, pedagogy and staff development lead to great outcomes. I currently work as a Director of Partnerships in a school in east London, and hope to bring my expertise in building networks to Stroud Green.



Staff Governor

Charlotte Smith 

I was employed at Stroud Green as a Class Teacher in September 2015 and have primarily taught junior classes from Years Four to Six.  I joined the Governing Body as a staff Governor in September 2018 and sit on the curriculum committee. 



Associate Members

Associate Members are not governors and they do not have voting rights. They are invited to join the Governing Body to provide additional expertise. We are always looking for new associate members to help with the running of the school. If you think your skill set could benefit the school in anyway, please get in touch with Nancy Campbell  via email:



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