Flexi-schooling at Stroud Green provides parents & carers with a unique opportunity to home educate one day each week. We all know that primary aged children are still very young and our children's precious childhood years can be all too short so we want you as families to embrace every minute possible.  Children are expected to be in school from the year they are turning five but flexi-schooling agreements with parents acknowledges that some children learn best if they have one day with their parents continuing and enriching their learning experiences.  

At Stroud Green we work in true partnership with parents, listening to the needs of our families and embracing every learning opportunity possible.  so how does it work..........

FOR THE PARENT/CARER  ....  A parent/carer agrees to home educate their child/ren for one day each week (ideally we ask for this to be Fridays) parents sign an agreement for just a six week block which allows flexibility if they have to sort work arrangements.  The agreement can be extended if it works well for the school and family.  We ask parents/carers to come to as least termly group meetings with the Head Teacher just to share ideas and check that the flexible arrangement is working.

On flexi days parents/carers may choose to take their child/ren to a show, museum, gallery, walk on the Heath, park... you may choose piano lessons, dance classes, horse riding lessons... or a long weekend to visit family, friends .... or you may chose to stay in to bake cakes, play games or do art activities.  The key thing is that we are not expecting you to be teachers and deliver the curriculum.  Your children will gain so much from just talking to you, being with you and learning from you and then being together out in the real world.  You don't  necessarily need to plan your flexi-day in advance but you may choose to book something special.  

The other key benefit is that it doesn't always need to be the same parent or adult if you work you may do it one week and the other weeks can be done by grandparents, uncles, aunties or other close relatives.  (NOTE: the parent with parental responsiblity will be legally responsible the child on flexi-days) 

FOR THESCHOOL ....  we approve your home education experience for one day each week, we ask you to attend at least termly meetings with our head teacher and we keep track of your child's academic attainment.  We also monitor attendance at school on the other four days and insist that this is at least 96%.  We ask you to share your experiences with other parents and share any great ideas for flexi-day trips.  We try not to organise school based activities on a Friday, try not to send home learning tasks or letters on this day.  


At the bottom of this page you will find a downloadable copy of our flexi-schooling policy which we ask all parents considering flexi-schooling to read.  You can also find a word version of our agreement forms which you can complete and return to the Head Teacher.  (NOTE:  Flexi-schooling can only begin or continue once it has been approved by the Head Teacher) 


Flexi-schooling testimonals and feedback from parents

Being able to flexi-school has improved my daughters’ wellbeing. My seven-year-old likes peace and quiet and taking her time so she has relished flexi-schooling days where she can learn at her own pace. Examples include spending a day with her grandfather at the British museum, laying for an afternoon on the kitchen floor reading ‘Malory Towers’ and choosing to be in quiet outdoor settings – the Parkland walk, a local nature reserve or Hampstead Heath. A particular highlight was spending a day with her Dad at the Olympic Park with no little sisters - he used a day’s annual leave. This half term she has a new teacher and has asked to go to school every day; I love that we can alter the arrangement according to her wishes and any changing circumstances at school. My five-year-old now flexi-schools on a Friday and she manages the new demands of school much better as a result.

Sarah Sudea (children of 2, 5 and 7)


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